My turn!

Ok, so Mom of the year award goes to….ME!

I got home last night after fetching you and Hunter from school, battling the traffic and listening to you sneeze, and was chatting to Oupa about the day and the drama filled morning with Hunter sticking beads up his nose when Dad came out with some bad news.

He casually says “Babe, I think Kenzie has one of those beads in her nose”. Absolute dread descends as i remember you saying “My turn!” this morning. As true as cookies you had a bead stuck right up your nose, which was probably causing you to sneeze the whole day. So of we went to the emergency room to get the little bugger out.


I still cant believe that you spent the whole day at school with a pink wooden bead stuck up your nose! I`m sorry my girlie, absolute fail on my part, once again you have proven what a trooper you are.

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