Swine flu and Viruses – whats that?

My Darling Kenzie,

This past week has been a whirlwind of emotions for all of us. You had been sick for about 3 weeks with everything from Tonsillitis to bladder infection, and had been on 3 different types of oral antibiotics, back and forth to the Doctor, but we had seen no improvement. You would feel better for a day or two and then just get worse.

On Sunday last week you had been playing outside when you asked me to take your shirt off because your arm was sore, and I noticed that you had the beginnings of a rash. Initially, I thought it could be from dry skin, so I got a blanket out and we lay on the lawn while I rubbed you down with cream all over your body, and that seemed to relieve some pain. However, it wasn’t long before your whole body was covered with the rash, and after much debate about what was causing the rash we reluctantly gave you some Alergex. I was beside myself because I felt like it was too much medicine for such a small body to endure but it helped settle you quickly and lay you down on the couch without a nappy off because you had said your tummy hurts. Soon you fell asleep on the couch for a couple of hours, while Dad and I hung around close by checking on you. But as the sun started setting that dreaded fear started creeping in, I knew something was wrong.

I tried to wake you, you tried so hard to open your eyes but all you could managed was more little moans, and then I realised that you had wet yourself and not even bothered to move. Needless to say we were in the car in 5 mins on the way to the hospital.

You were admitted into Life Fourways hospital that night, and the tests began. It turned out that you had an infection count of 7.4, bacteria in your blood, Influenza B and the Adenovirus. A very sick little girl!

We endured a week of ups and downs, chest xrays, Kidney and Bladder sonars and Physio, but on Wednesday you were diagnosed with Bronchial Pneumonia. Along with this your ears weren’t clearing and on Thursday afternoon the decision was made to get grommets to drain the fluid from your ears.

Blake and Robs visited twice and Oupa spent 2 nights at the hospital with us, you scored a few spoils from you stay too.

After sucking a ridiculous amount of infection from both ears we were home by Friday afternoon, and surprised by Millah and Ruben at home, along with a brother that was so very happy to see you.


Thankfully we were at a hospital that looked after us so well. The Doctors and nurses were amazing, you are still speaking about Spell the Physio.

I am so relieved you are feeling better, and can hear things that you struggled with before – my little fighter never says die.

Granny D spoilt you with a big bunch of flowers and a fairy, Hunter also got a Police truck for being so brave.

I love you MonChiChi

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