Italy 2016 – Family Reunion

This September we visited your Uncle Ryan and Aunty Stef and welcomed Baby William, in their home town Orosei, Sardinia.

It was the most idylic and relaxing holiday – one that we all needed so badly. The main reason for the visit was ofcourse to meet your new little cousin William and celebrate his Christening. I have been lucky enough to be honoured as a God parent so the trip was an important one.

The travel was long and hard but you guys handled it so well, in fact i think a little better than your parents, especially the trip home. It worked out to 31 hours of travelling and 3 flights each way, something we wont easily do again without a break in between.

Kenzie had been practicing her Peek-a-boo for William and we all thought that she would not leave him alone once she met him, and while she adored him, it was Hunter that was completely taken by his little cousin. It was such a beautiful reunion, especially to have the whole family together. Hunter and ryan have this unspoken bond – probably because they are so similar in personality and he loved spending time taking to his Uncle.

We had a few mishaps on the first day when Kenzie woke up and looked like she had chicken pox with all the mosquito bites on her body, and Hunter was bitten by the dog coco, on his face – thankfully not too badly though. Other than that we ate, swam, caught up on life and rested.


We stayed in the beach house with Uncle Blake, Aunty Robs, Oupa, Granny D and Steve. The house was rustic and perfect! It was a short walk to the most beautiful beach and enough space for the kids to have fun at home too.

Most of our days were spent at the beach, which the kids absolutely loved!

Other than the main event the Christening – which photos will follow, we just had valuable family time and explored the area, eating authentic Italian foods, except for the one pizza lunch.

It was the most wonderful holiday that both of you are still talking about even as your tans fade. I hope one that you can cherish.

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