Hunter’s 5th Birthday 

My Darling Hunter, 

Every year your birthday party marks the start of the festive season for us, so I can honestly say that we were as excited as you were about turning 5.

You seemed to battle more this year with your birthday count down and especially struggled with your friends talking about it at school everyday . It was as if you didn’t feel in control and by the night of the 8th of December you were in tears. You couldn’t understand why the 9th was your birthday and we had made army cupcakes for school but you had to wait a whole other night before your party. I  guess that means that you were so excited that it overwhelmed you.

The theme was Army and both Dad and I had so much fun planning the party. We made Army cupcakes for school and  as always they made you feel really special on your big day.

You were woken up to the 3 of us singing Happy Birthday to which Kenzie took the lead . 

For your party we planned and obstacle course ending with a huge (I may have over estimated the size) slide. Party packs were eaten at the party (clever parenting trick #1) and everyone got army hats, water guns and medals for completing the course.

The cake was an absolute hit…

It was such a wonderful day and you got spoilt rotten.

Happy 5th birthday my Lion cub!

We thank God every day for blessing us with you.

Love you muchie!

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