It’s beginning…

Christmas is fast approaching and there hasn’t been all the hype that there has been in previous years. 

We tried to get you both to take a photo with Santa at the shops and Hunter gave me this look like I was about to send him to slaughter so we cancelled that. This sent me into overdrive, it gives me so much pleasure to watch your eyes light up with the magic of Christmas, so we have had a jam packed 2 days to set the scene. 

We visit a house down the road every year to see the lights but this year we attended the community Christmas carols outside the house. It was absolutely stunning and just what we needed. 

We packed a picnic basket along with 2 bags of old toys and teddies for donation and set out. It was packed, they closed off the road, had a snow machine for the kids and a small choir to guide the crowd in singing. This is definitely something we will do every year. 

The following day we pulled out the gingerbread house that Uncle Hannes had given us and built our 1st gingerbread house. So much fun! Needless to say that it was in pieces shortly after the photo was taken and my dreams of displaying it on the Christmas table were dashed.

These are the things that make me happy – bringing joy to you in the little things. 

May Christmas always bring you the same amount of joy.

Love you muchie!

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