Christmas 2016

It really is the most magical time of the year. Nothing gives me greater joy than watching the two of you, as the excitement builds for Santas arrival. 

This year we got to share it with your cousins and we managed to keep Ouma out of hospital for the special day so it was extra special. 

Christmas eve saw the Elves leaving behind your night before Christmas bags. They had been left next to the tree and you guys must have walked past them 100 times until we gave you quite heavy hints to look for something that was different. Ruben actually stepped over them a number of times and still didn’t notice them.

The Elves brought you some goodies for your Christmas eve bath, a book, some Christmas PJs and some Reindeer ears.

That night, you sprinkled some Reindeer food in the garden, enjoyed your bath, ate dinner while watching the Polar express and got into bed for a Christmas Story. Before long those little eyes were drooping. It had been a busy day at Golden reef city and Santa was on his way.
We woke up at 5am to whispering and after getting Kenzie out of her cot, we rushed to the curtain for a Santa sighting. We were lucky enough to see him leaving and caught a glimpse of him in the garden. 

After racing through to the living room we found this…

Of all the gifts that you got Kenzies favorite was the slinky and Hunters was the whale from Uncle Blake and Robs.
We spent some special time with Ouma in the morning and she joined us for lunch and bit later, regardless of the weather. 

We sent messages to family all over the world and spared a special thought for your littlest cousin William who was celebrating his first Christmas. The photos were got were too gorgeous!

The day was rainy and cold so us South Africans actually were out of our comfort zone but we definitely made the best of it. There were a  few hitches like Ruben sending his drone into orbit in the first 30 seconds of flying it. 
We enjoyed a warm lunch with Blake and Robs, and relaxed for the rest of the day.

It was perfect! As Christmas should be. 

Merry Christmas my Angel’s!

Love you muchie!

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