Grade R

My Darling Hunter,


This week you started Grade R. It was a big occasion for Mom and Dad, and you met the day with excitement and enthusiasim. 

The drive to school was filled with you asking a million questions of what it was going to be like. (Most of which I didnt know myself but we managed). We spoke about what the day will hold, who would be there, what your class would look like and imagined what it would be like as one of the seniors in your school. You had brought your school hat from last year, sunglasses and of course your blankie just in case you needed it.

Your friends were over the moon to see you, as usual, and you bounced around the class absorbing everything. Teacher Taryn told you that the blankie wasnt neccessary because Grade R`s dont sleep anymore in the day, so you handed those back to me with your glasses, said goodbye and ran to your friends.


School Uniforms arrived a few days later but in hindsight it took a lot of the nerves away, and added some excitement and something to look forward to. 

When I look at this above photo I can’t believe how quickly time passes. From your first day as a Monkey Mischief  (Grade 000) to the Owl Academy  (Grade R).

We are so proud you it hurts! Well done and Good Luck for the comming year my angel.

We love you Muchie!

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