Monkey Mischief 2017

My gorgeous little Monchichi,

This week you started your first official year of nursery school. Your classes name is Monkey Mischief and you were super excited to start the year.

With the build up of Hunter’s big year you had also started to ask questions about what your new class would be like, and you were only too proud to be leaving the baby class behind. In fact, you were so into it that you refused to even say hello to any of your old teachers, and marched right past them into your new Teacher – Teacher Tracy’s- arms. By the time I had hung up your bag and said my hellos you were settled down with a puzzle with an old friend, and simply lifted a hand and shouted good bye from across the room.

Usually it would put my nose out of joint but I was so happy that you had accepted the new class that my heart welled with pride.

We wish you a year of fantasy and dancing my gorgeous girl. We are over the moon proud of you!.

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