Rainbow fudge

My sweet girlie,

This week was your classes’ turn to bring goodies for the school bake sale. Previously, they had individual bakers day but this year they have had to resort to class bake sales due to the size of the school. 

We decided on Rainbow fudge. A recipe I saw on pinterest that looked relatively easy. 

To my absolute relief it really was easy and one of those recipes you can make a few days ahead which is a double bonus. 

I kept to three colours and  cut them into small blocks because they are really sweet, especially for a preschool bake sale but they looked really great.

You were super excited to go to school and Hunter got to join in on the fun because his class was buying from you. The teachers tell me that you immediately took control of the money box, making sure everyone paid their dues.

When I saw your photos I asked you why you had cupcakes instead of fudge. Your response ” All the boys gave me money for my fudge, they ate it all! So I had cupcakes “.

It warms my heart to see you and your brother together at every school event.

Well done baby girl!

Love you muchie!

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