A big princess bed

My Darling Kenzie,

We have been talking about the move from cot to a big girl bed for months now. You have been ready for about 6 months already but the truth is we haven’t. 

Never mind all the chaos that has surrounded us for that long, we just were not ready to have our baby become a big girl yet, and if we are playing open cards a big bed comes with its own set of problems for a parent that we certainly were not ready for. In our experience with Hunter it meant laying next to him for hours, often falling asleep before him, and you are such a good sleeper we didnt want to upset the apple cart.

But today enough was enough. I bit the bullet and finally got down to painting your bed a pretty chalk pink ( which you helped paint), hauled the cot out before I had a chance to change my mind and got you a big girl bed in your room. 

Along with this we gave you your first star chart (experience talking again, which was a double treat. You were so proud to have an opportunity to sleep in a big bed, that you couldn’t wait to get out of the bath to go to bed. After a million questions on how this routine works in settled in next to you for a little while before kissing you good night and leaving without a hitch. You really are an amazing little girl my Nuna.

So far so good let’s hope this holds. Congratulations on your big princess bed my angel.

We love you muchie!

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