New floors 

March was spent covered in dust and eating out of plastic plates while our house was transformed. 

Thankfully Granny was around to relieve some stress and she held the fort most during the day. 

They did amazing work and it has literally transformed our home.

Below are some before and after pictures. A word of warning though, once you do floors your wall colours are bound to change too. 

Our kitchen had these dated brown tiles which made the space smaller and darker.

Our entrance hall had laminate floors- diy job and these really 80s looking mirrors all over the wall. As an added effect the mirrors had a dark tint. This area was one of the 1st we wanted to change when we bought the place.

Our passage was one area that we didn’t think needed a serious make over but we did it anyway while doing the rest. Now, looking at the results I can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner. 

Our dining room was an area that we were most happy with but the laminate floors had been destroyed by the sun and we had pockets where the floor was lifting.

The results were amazing!

2nd major step on the way to a beautiful home.

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