Happy 3rd birthday Monchichi 

My Darling Kenzie, 

Today you turn 3. Yes, correct 3! You have been preparing me for this day of the last couple of days. Reminding me that you can do things without me but most of all that you actually like doing things by yourself. 

You are the most wonderful child. I often think that your heart is too big for your body. I relish experiencing the world through your eyes.

May your 3rd year be filled with Fairies and Unicorns. Keep spreading your sparkle my Angel’s. We love you muchie!

You started the day with presents and got to know you new friend Violet. 

 We had baked Tinkerbell cupcakes for school and you had your schools colour carnival which added to the festivities. You were in the yellow team and Hunter was in the blue team, lots of fun was had.

By the time it was all over you were exhausted  and settled in for a quiet evening. 

Happy birthday my baby!


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