Disney on Ice

My Darling Hunter,

You have been through so much change in the last year and handled it so well that we decided we wanted to take you out for a special day with Mom and Dad where you were the center of attention again. After much debate we settled on Disney on Ice. The best part was that it coincided with your first report card which worked out perfectly and boy we gave it our best.

After school we made our way there and had dinner at Col` Cacchio. While this was more of a spoil for Dad and I, I will say that they are geared for families. They kept you entertained with some pizza dough and cookie cutters while Dad and I relaxed to a pizza and a glass of wine. So far, it was a great start to the evening.

I honestly wasn’t prepared for my reaction when we walked into the Dome. I was expecting you to be awe-struck and really hadn’t thought about how excited I would be. But boy oh boy, it was like I had become a kid again…I had to take a minute to absorb all the stalls and toys and food etc. and then I hit the ground running. Before Dad had come out of the toilet, I had bought a programme that came with a Mickey Mouse crown (which I just had to have!). Ill take a moment to point out that this programme cost a whopping R 110 and you didn’t even want the crown, so I wore it the whole night.

I think you were so overwhelmed with all the people and music and toys you actually got a bit scared but soon perked up when you saw the Mickey Mouse flashing toy you had your eye on was for sale in the stall in front of you. Just a small note that was another R 180!

The show was fantastic, but you did seem to loose attention when their were too many characters on the ice, it seemed as if you couldn’t follow the story – too much going on. You got to see all your best characters though, even Alladin and Princess Jasmine.

By the time the show was over you were finished and we made our way home after having to retrace our steps after noticing that you had lost your blankie somewhere in the Dome.

It was a fun and very expensive experience, but we are glad to have spent some quality time with you my little lion cub. You are still skating around the house in your socks, so I assume you had a good time too.

Love you Muchie!

20150626_180310 20150626_180217

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